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TWO MONTHS AWAY..... and never get enough

Hello all, Such a long time with no Update on this blog.... The last year has been very intense with the new job at Ubisoft so I decided to take a step back. And in this case the best solution is to leave far far away....

 I am just coming back from a long trip in South East Asia that can be resume as below :

 - 68 days away from Canada

- 8 countries visited

- 16 flights

 - 41 hours spend in the plane

- 5 hour a day surf session

- 26 differents hostels

- 250 GO of videos

- 2653 pictures

- More than 200 pineapple juices.....

 The GH2 has been used a lot during this time and I am thinking to edit my own review of this incredible camera. That won't be the most technically detailed review, but more oriented on the results you can have with it. Fom today, I will post a picture of day among the best I have.

 Hope you will enjoy it.